It's nice to have a clever heart!

RAINBOW EVE   is a Children's Book Series to empower children and teach them grit and give them effective social and emotional skills to overcome kiddies' life challenges. Children who develop social and emotional skills are kinder, happier, healthier, and more successful. In Rainbow Land, kids learn creativity coming from the heart. Rainbow Eve and her friends learn about self-confidence, self-love, bullying, gender bias, happiness, slow-learning, autism, self-esteem, diversity, ADHD, body image, empathy, forgiveness, hygiene, nutrition, friendships and so much more. More than 22 stories that can be read to children from 4 to 8 ears but will be loved by grown-ups too. Every time they master one social and emotional skill,  they earn a "Creative Heart" badge in crystal!





Eve dreams of becoming  an astronaut. She wants to fly to Saturn to discover what its rings are made of, but she loses all hope when schoolmates tell her that it is impossible and ridicule her. Discover how she learns to dare to dream big again with the help of her awesome friends in Rainbow Land. Especially Ingrid the Swan-Ostrich. Yes! She is both, and knows a lot about big dreams, self-confidence and grit!

"A must-have book for children of all ages to empower them and give parents tools to support their precious ones and increase their social and emotional literacy aka Creativity coming from the Heart." -  K . G. Teacher